Global experience in designing and implementing efficient, cost effective pre-closing reorganizations to facilitate timely, successful completion of complex transactions

Set the course

Carve-out and spin-off sales have the potential to unlock value for shareholders. They also provide businesses within a larger group structure greater flexibility and independence to pursue focused strategies for growth, whether organic or through acquisitions, without having to compete with other business divisions for management time or capital.

Groups of businesses are run in a highly-integrated way, often with shared premises, assets, systems and people and customer contracts relating to more than one business. As a result, pre-divestment reorganizations are particularly complicated for international groups.

As a firm that closes more M&A transactions each year than anyone else, we have repeat, firsthand experience of carve-out and spin-off sales as they become an increasingly popular corporate technique for optimizing profitability and shareholder value.

Unlocking benefits

Mastering the divestiture process can allow a company to achieve efficiencies, retain key employees and capture the shareholder value of the original transaction. We support the separation process from the planning to the execution stage. Drawing on the resources and know-how of dedicated project managers, we help identify the most appropriate business structures through which to optimize and execute the overall global divestiture plan.

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