The Compliance Atlas can be leveraged by multiple teams across a company’s organization. For example:

  1. A customer requests a charitable contribution in the middle of a sales cycle. The salesperson can quickly search for “charity” within the app and be directed to the relevant section of the Compliance Atlas. She can then inform the customer of the process for having charitable contributions evaluated.
  2. A client asks that his son be given an internship at the sales rep’s company and wants the sales rep to help make that happen. The employee accesses the mobile app, and is directed to the section on conflicts of interest. He can then inform the client how to have his son apply through the correct channels, while the employee stays separate from process.
  3. A sales rep visits the office of a physician who has a large and successful practice in the rep’s target area. The office manager informs the rep that he is welcome to have a “lunch ‘n learn” with the doctor, but to get that meeting, he must first provide lunch for the entire office. The rep is able to consult the application and understand the rules for business meals of this nature. He would even be able to share with the office manager how providing food for the entire office would go against policy, and show that he is trying to operate ethically.
  4. A sales rep wants to send cocktails to clients for a virtual happy hour. She can quickly look up “gifts” or “alcohol” in the Compliance Atlas to view the firm’s policy on providing alcohol and/or gifts to clients.
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