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16 February 20232 minute read

Can we retrofit cities for an EV revolution?

Electric vehicle sales are increasing by the year and 19 countries have passed the vital tipping point where EVs make up 5% of new car sales, including China, Germany and the US. EV sales doubled to 6.9 million in 2021 and there are now at least 20 million electric vehicles on the road. This growth of EVs promises to reduce global reliance on oil and play a crucial role in the energy transition.

However, selling vehicles themselves is only one part of this puzzle. EV owners also need charging networks that extend far beyond their local area, including in crowded cities, and which can keep pace with rapid technological evolution.

In this episode, we speak to Asif Ghafoor, Co-Founder and CEO of EV charging infrastructure provider Iduna, about how to develop the EV networks that cities and countries need; why public-private cooperation is vital and how to achieve it; and whether the rise of green fuels is a threat to the EV sector.

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