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27 February 20242 minute read

Global Expansion and Operation

A webinar series

Thank you for joining us for “Global Expansion and Operation 101,” the first webinar in our Global Expansion and Operation Series. In this session we discussed the issues that companies are encouraged to consider when expanding internationally, addressing key topics in corporate, employment and executive compensation, intellectual property and technology and tax. Upcoming webinars will explore these topics at a deeper level.

About the series
Effective international expansion requires more than a knowledge of local rules. Companies must understand important issues and alternatives and make informed decisions all while managing risks and costs.

Our team explores a range of issues related to global expansion, including:

  • Choice of entity – whether to establish a subsidiary or a branch
  • Engagement options – whether to hire directly, use an employer of record or engage contractors
  • Equity – whether and how to provide equity compensation to employees outside the US
  • IP, technology and contracts – what are key considerations when looking to monetize and commercialize IP and technology as part of a global expansion
  • Compliance – how to comply with increasingly complex data privacy, security and regulatory requirements

We highlight risks and offer practical strategies to help companies successfully enter markets and thrive. 

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Please contact Ben Goodall with questions.

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