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29 January 20241 minute read

Construction Bulletin: Spotlight on the Australian Project Delivery Team

In our first 2024 edition of the global construction bulletin we focus on the Australian Project Delivery Team. With eight partners, one consultant, five legal directors and fourteen associates, we operate as a “one Australia” team out of offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

We actively support and participate in all sectors that involve a significant element of construction and engineering, so we have domestic and international sector expertise including transport, social and community housing, leisure, utilities, water and waste, energy, mining, oil and gas, renewables (solar, biofuels, pumped hydro, battery storage, wind as well as increasingly in offshore wind projects), green hydrogen, process plants and aviation.

Our service goes beyond pure contract drafting and encompasses strategic advice and risk management. Being familiar with the causes of dispute, we work with our clients to mitigate against the possibility and recognise that all parties need to be 'winners' in contracts. We are recognised for being pragmatic, commercial and getting the deal done.