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Professional governance and regulation

DLA Piper’s Professional Governance and Regulation practice ‎was one of the first of its kind to ‎be developed by major law firms ‎in Canada.‎

We function as an integrated team that is able to respond quickly, sensitively and ‎flexibly, and we are ‎committed to the view that decision-making control should be in ‎the informed and responsible hands of ‎the parties involved. We have successfully ‎implemented this philosophy by focusing on prevention as ‎the best use of legal capital.‎

Our overall approach is to avoid litigation wherever possible. We have established a ‎national track record ‎of eliminating the need for appeals and reviews in the courts of ‎decisions made by professional ‎regulatory bodies, while attracting complimentary ‎judicial comments about the administrative and ‎disciplinary decisions of our clients.‎


We offer a full range of advisory and representational services to professional ‎regulatory bodies and ‎their members, specifically:‎

  • Prosecuting cases before professional discipline tribunals
  • Acting as legal counsel to or chairing professional discipline tribunals
  • Representing and defending professionals before professional discipline tribunals
  • Advising professional regulatory bodies about governance, regulatory policy and ‎compliance, ‎strategic planning, government relations and public affairs, bylaws and ‎rules, registration and ‎admission, examination appeals, professional corporations, ‎professional ethics, advertising, ‎constitutional challenges, procedural fairness issues, ‎investigation processes, alternative dispute ‎resolution and system design, human ‎rights, freedom of information and privacy, judicial reviews ‎and appeals, and ‎unauthorized practice.‎