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30 January 20232 minute read

Global investigations – top points about white-collar investigations in Brazil and Mexico

For lawyers and professionals who focus on white-collar crime at the international level, a key question is how to conduct an investigation in a jurisdiction that may be unfamiliar, and how to conduct oneself during such an investigation.  Who are the relevant authorities? What are their most pressing concerns? What are the granular issues to know regarding the law, its enforcement, and best practices in the most active jurisdictions around the world?

Global Investigations Review’s annual Practitioner’s Guide to Global Investigations seeks to address these questions via country-specific chapters which each concisely address a tightly edited list of concerns.

The 2023 edition of the Guide is now out, including chapters on investigations in Brazil and Mexico – the two biggest economies in Latin America. The Mexico chapter is authored by a cross-border team of DLA Piper lawyers; the Brazil chapter is co-authored by a cross-border team of lawyers from DLA Piper and Brazilian cooperation firm Campos Mello Advogados.

Each chapter addresses essential issues as the legal framework for corporate liability, the use of leniency agreements, the top priorities for the law enforcement authorities, and which authorities regulate corporations.

Download the chapters below.

Download Brazil – Global Investigations Review

Download Mexico – Global Investigations Review


To learn more about the issues addressed in these chapters, please contact any of the authors.

Learn more about investigations in Brazil by contacting:

Jonathan D. King

Ricardo Caiado Lima

Antonio Tovo

Andre Sampaio Lacerda Ferraz

Mellina Bulgarini Gerhardt


Learn more about investigations in Mexico by contacting:

Antonio Cardenas Arriola

Jonathan D. King

Daniel Gonzalez Estrada

Yesica L. Garduno Sandoval