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9 January 20242 minute read

UK Restructuring – Year in Retrospect

The economic outlook at the beginning of 2023 was fraught with uncertainty. The world was still finding its feet post-pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine had destabilised supply chains, and economic uncertainties in the UK amounted to a not very promising prospect for recovery. Now, 12 months on, can we say much has changed?

We have been actively involved in an array of solutions, from off-market solvent solutions, to liquidations, administrations and pioneering Restructuring Plans. As we enter 2024, we can be proud of the growth in our team and market recognition achieved. Whatever the new year holds, we look forward to supporting our clients.

Click to download our Year in Retrospect for an insight into some of our key mandates, as well as news from our UK team, including team changes and successes.