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11 November 20222 minute read

New Monaco data embassy in Luxembourg

On 15 July 2021, the Luxembourg government signed an agreement with the Principality of Monaco to create a data center on Luxembourg territory for Monaco’s exclusive use. The agreement was now endorsed by the Luxembourg Parliament following a vote on 9 November 2022.

This type of data centre, a so-called “data embassy”, involves the allocation of specific data storage space along with diplomatic immunities such as the inviolability of the premises and of the stored data.

The premises are exempt from search, requisition, attachment, or execution. No official or person exercising any public authority, whether administrative, judicial, military or police of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg will be allowed to enter the premises without the prior approval of the authorized representative of the Principality of Monaco, except in cases of emergency (e.g. fire hazards, etc.).

Data embassies are being used by countries and international organizations to secure their data in a foreign country to prevent any potential data loss, deterioration, or destruction.

Luxembourg was chosen by Monaco because of its political stability and the high-level of security provided by its data storage facilities.

This law consecrates the third Luxembourg-based data embassy so far, after the European Patent Organisation and the country of Estonia.