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25 July 20222 minute read

ACCC launches CDR sandbox

What is the CDR Sandbox?

Following the expansion of the Consumer Data Right (CDR) regime last year to a wider range of organisations, the ACCC has now released the ‘CDR Sandbox’, a free tool that lets CDR participants test their proposed CDR compliance solutions in a virtual environment that mirrors the live CDR ecosystem.

The CDR Sandbox is the latest in a series of tools released by the ACCC, which, along with the ACCC’s ‘mock solutions code library’ and ‘Conformance Test Suite’ enable participants’ products to connect with existing mock solutions and other participants in a secure testing environment, to ensure the efficacy of data sharing between those participants

What does this mean for businesses?

The CDR Sandbox’s release means that businesses that already are CDR participants, or are interested in becoming CDR participants, are more readily able to test and de-risk their proposed CDR solutions prior to release. The CDR Sandbox also provides an opportunity for businesses to see over how their specific applications interact within the broader CDR framework-including between data holders and recipients, and the CDR register.

This boosts business’ visibility over the data flows that will likely occur due to participation in the CDR regime generally, and will enable businesses to understand what personal information is being handled, by whom, and where. By making it easier to test proposed CDR solutions, the CDR Sandbox helps to achieve the ACCC’s goal of engendering mass cross-sector adoption.

How can DLA Piper help?

With our previous experience assisting banking sector clients with preparing for and entering the CDR regime (under Open Banking), DLA Piper is well-placed to assist clients in all relevant sectors in understanding how CDR should be implemented, and the legal, technical, and regulatory challenges that come with it. Please contact us for more information as to how we can assist.