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16 October 20221 minute read

Report: Hydrogen 2022 – Tracking progress towards a clean hydrogen economy

For the latest DLA Piper report on hydrogen, we partnered with Reuters to cover the conclusions of the Reuters Hydrogen 2022 conference. Clean hydrogen is widely regarded as a key component in achieving a sustainable industrial future and is drawing attention from policy makers, investors and power producers through to heavy industry. In this report, we analyse five key trends that highlight the progress made towards a clean hydrogen economy:

  • The rapid growth of the clean hydrogen industry.
  • How developments in technology can scale up production and get projects off the ground, including commentary from Acciona Energy and Johnson Matthey, among others.
  • Hydrogen uses in land, air, and mobility, including commentary from Hyzon, Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility and BMW, among others.
  • The role of hydrogen in future energy systems and infrastructure requirements to store and transport hydrogen.
  • Financing the hydrogen economy, including commentary from industry leaders like ING Bank.

If you would like to discuss certain findings in more detail, feel free to reach out to your regular contact at DLA Piper, or to the key contacts listed above.