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You can call on our top-ranked team to advise throughout your entire business lifecycle. We meet you where you are, from garage to global. We understand the technology you own and use. And we’re where you need us to be – in the world’s largest tech hubs. We spot opportunities, track best practices and regulatory trends, and help you succeed. 

Our 600-lawyer tech group handles corporate transactions ranging from emerging growth and venture capital to M&A, private equity and capital markets. We advise on IP issues including technology transfers, inbound and outbound licensing and distribution, outsourcing, privacy and government contracts.

We work on fintech and blockchain counseling on NFTs, cryptocurrency and digital payments, and litigation, including IP and regulatory. We know the players framing new regulations for AI, cryptocurrency, IoT and wireless devices, autonomous vehicles, and data privacy and management. Our relationships with lawmakers, combined with our experience, help us predict and prevent risks and uncover opportunities.

“Their services are far-reaching, and I have found them to be knowledgeable when it comes to a huge range of client transactions ... extraordinarily helpful in navigating complex client-oriented issues and problem solving.”

Chambers Global

In addition, our team helps ensure your innovations and products are protected and profitable using global risk mitigation strategies in intellectual property, consumer class action, and other technology disputes. Our lawyers are experienced technology trial lawyers with an exceptional win rate. We know the laws, courts, and jurisdictions where most technology disputes occur, and can explain complex technologies to judges and juries to increase the probability of success in any case. We are known for our ability to manage high-risk cases across multiple venues in the US and worldwide for the world’s leading technology companies.

We can also guide you on evolving best practices for sustainability and environmental, social, and governance issues when considering new ventures, such as alternative supply chains and payment ecosystems. And we can help you report your ESG milestones in your corporate and social responsibility reports.

For decades, clients have trusted us for technology matters. We’re a pioneer in the field, launching in the heart of Silicon Valley more than 50 years ago with our predecessor firm, Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich LLP, one of the original Silicon Valley law firms.


To find out how we have delivered for our clients, visit our Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Digital Assets, Internet of Things, Proptech and Telecoms pages.

ESG and Technology

The global technology sector is poised to lead the transition to a sustainable future. Technology companies are accustomed to thinking ahead of the curve and innovating on sustainability and ESG issues in order to gain a market advantage and provide solutions to global social issues such as environmental issues and workplace diversity.

Pursuing sustainability is a relentless and complex process in which the yardsticks for success are constantly evolving. For smaller companies, aligning their business objectives with their sustainability vision is not always enough to ease the demands for commitments to sustainability and ESG. For example, a company which develops renewable energy technologies may have a strong environmental sustainability agenda but still have gaps in its handling of wider social issues such as employment practices and community engagement. For larger companies there is an increasing expectation to not only maximize shareholder value but take a broader role in addressing society’s most pressing issues.

Ethics and innovation

With businesses collecting more data, their understanding of consumers, employees and supply chains is changing. As businesses considerations account for both their investment performance as well as their social performance there is a convergence of business and human rights agendas. Issues related to business ethics, data management, privacy concerns, consumer litigation risks, and regulatory compliance are now all in play. High-profile data breaches in the industry have also heightened concerns not just about the security of data but the applications from it. Technology companies need to build the trust of stakeholders - for example, by improving data governance through audit processes to assure the integrity of data and by increasing accountability and transparency in use of consumer data. Other ethical issues concern fairness and influence. For example, AI and robotics can be used help to eliminate bias in hiring processes but, at a time when the focus on ensuring diversity has never been greater, AI learning has also been shown to foster implicit gender and racial bias.

Emerging companies and venture capital investment

Corporate investors are investing heavily in emerging companies that seize upon the opportunities sustainability and ESG issues present. And startups understand that integrating sustainability and ESG policies and practices into their business models allows them to attract these investments and create brand recognition, while laying the foundations for long-term value and growth.

Environmental sustainability

Technology is essential for the transition to a net-zero low-carbon future. Innovations in cleantech, autonomous vehicles and drones may play a leading role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving on energy efficiency, accelerating demand for renewable energy, and finding solutions for the transformation of our energy systems. A familiar example: digitalization and cloud storage services are transforming business operations by reducing paper usage. The latest iteration of our biannual tech research survey, the Technology Index 2022, reported that energy-efficient technologies are a key area of interest and growth in the sector.

However, while digital technologies are improving, they continue to face environmental issues, such as energy consumption, materials sourcing issues such as mining of rare minerals, and disposal of unrecyclable e-waste. The pressure to resolve these issues has been growing exponentially as technology integrates more thoroughly into our lives. Pressured by consumers, some companies are striving to mitigate environmental risks through improved product design, closer supply chain oversight and product life cycle management.

Diversity in tech

Recent years have seen a marked trend in company responses to improving diversity and inclusion in the technology sector. Data-based findings revealing stark gaps in representation in major technology companies have driven policy shifts, public disclosures and changes in investment strategy across the sector. In particular, there has been a push to address the lack of gender representation both at the board level and in the workforce.

The DLA Piper advantage

DLA Piper’s global technology sector assists companies of all sizes, from fledgling startups to global giants, wherever they are in their sustainability and ESG journey. We partner with our clients to help them meet their sustainability and ESG objectives, manage potential risks and leverage opportunities, and provide legal support in such areas as:

  • Corporate Venture
  • Data Protection, Privacy, and Security
  • Emerging Growth and Venture Capital
  • Global Governance and Compliance
  • Public Company Corporate Governance
  • Regulatory and Government Affairs
  • Technology Transactions and Strategic Sourcing

In addition, our team of DLA Piper attorneys has extensive experience working with clients dedicated to sustainability and ESG across the technology sector including:

  • Agtech
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Blockchain
  • Cleantech
  • Digital Transformation
  • Edtech
  • Fintech
  • Healthtech
  • Internet of Things

To discuss the implications of these issues for your business, please contact our ESG leaders.

Awards and recognition

Rankings and awards for our Technology team

  • Top ranked for TMT, Chambers Global
  • Ranked for Nationwide IP, Chambers USA
  • Ranked for FinTech Legal: Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, Chambers USA
  • Ranked for FinTech Legal: Data Protection & Cyber Security, Chambers USA
  • Ranked for Technology, Chambers USA 
  • Ranked for Fintech Legal, Chambers Global 
  • Ranked for Fintech Legal, Chambers USA 
  • Top ranked for Outsourcing,Chambers UK-wide 
  • Top ranked for TMT: Information Technology, Chambers Europe-wide 
  • Top ranked for TMT, Chambers Asia-Pacific 
  • Top ranked for Outsourcing, Chambers Global Market Leaders 
  • Top ranked for TMT, Chambers UAE 
  • Ranked for TMT: Telecommunications, Chambers Europe-wide 
  • Ranked for Telecommunications, Chambers UK-wide 

  • Ranked for TMT, Legal 500 Belgium 
  • Ranked for Information Technology, Legal 500 Ireland 
  • Top ranked for TMT, Legal 500 Italy 
  • Ranked for TMT, Legal 500 London 
  • Top ranked for Patents: Licensing, Legal 500 US 
  • Top ranked for Telecoms and Broadcast: Regulatory, Legal 500 US 
  • Top ranked for Telecoms and Broadcast: Transactional, Legal 500 US 
  • Ranked for Patents: Litigation (International Trade Commission), Legal 500 US 
  • Ranked for Technology Transactions, Legal 500 US 
  • Ranked for Fintech, Legal 500 US 
  • Ranked for Patents: Litigation (full coverage), Legal 500 US 

  • #1 Global M&A deal volume for the last 13 years, Mergermarket 2010-2022
  • #1 European M&A by deal volume, Mergermarket 2013-2022
  • #4 Americas M&A by deal volume, Mergermarket 2022


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