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15 May 20243 minute read

Investment Management & Funds Academy

Transforming Tomorrow for the next generation of funds professionals

Having an in-depth understanding of the full fund lifecycle is important for any investment professional. If you have a background in investment management, finance, private equity, real estate, legal or strategy and are relatively new to the investment management and funds environment you may want to have more exposure to the full funds process.

Our Investment Management and Funds Academy provides you with a deep dive into the fundamentals, helping you to accelerate your learning through our legal knowledge.

“You’ve obviously got fantastic depth and breadth in the department at all levels”

Participant, Seedrs

Why training junior professionals matters:

Investing in junior talent is not merely a business strategy; it is a commitment to the future vitality of the investment management and funds industry. Tomorrow’s leaders are in the making today, and by investing in their growth and development, we are laying a robust foundation for the industry’s sustained success.


What junior professionals gain:
  • Insights from industry leaders: Our agenda is designed to provide you with commercial insight directly from the DLA Piper’s Investment Management & Funds team. Our experienced team will empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this dynamic field.

  • Mastery of essential fundamentals: Our carefully curated program will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the legal lifecycle in investment management&funds. From unravelling the regulatory complexities to mastering fund structuring, you will leave with the essential tools to navigate the industry with confidence.

  • Building meaningful connections: Our event is not just about learning; it is also about fostering meaningful connections. You will have the opportunity to network with peers, forging connections that may well prove to be invaluable throughout your career.

  • Interaction at the heart: We have taken considerable time to make our event as interactive as possible, working through case studies, and building funds in teams.

“ was personally one of the best organised events I have attended”

Participant, Longfellow

Delivered in a full or half day session, the IM&F Academy is designed to teach you all about the entire investment value chain, such as:

  • Fund Structuring
  • Fund Strategy
  • Fund Regulatory
  • Fund Financing
  • Investor Representation
  • Key Fund Terms
  • Fund Marketing
  • Fund Closing
  • Fund Operation
  • Investment Lifecycle
  • Termination and Winding-up

“Outstanding event. Incredibly engaging and great to see the DLA team.”

Participant, Weybourne

Business first for global investment management and funds

Our experience working with investment funds extends to every corner of the industry.

We understand the market environment our clients operate in and solve their business problems. At each stage of the process our team will provide you with the expertise and resources you need, when you need it.

Our commercial insight helps clients to transform their business. Our experienced team will use knowledge in every related practice area, from tax and regulatory law to private equity and corporate transactions to help our clients grow.

We are globally recognised for our results. Chambers ranks our investment funds practice first in investor representation, and as a top firm in private equity fund formation.

Learn more about our Investment Management and Funds team here.

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