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Improving your M&A outcomes

The M&A ecosystem is complex. Dealing with its complexities is typically outside business-as-usual and requires the right support to maximise success and value returned to the organisation. Successfully creating that value requires a specialised skill set that many organisations don’t possess. 

Our services are designed to address the inherently complex risk by uplifting capability and overcoming any capacity challenges. Our integrated team accompanies you through the deal lifecycle with a single point of accountability from the pre-deal strategy and preparation, deal execution all the way through to close and integration / separation. We also provide specialized advice in M&A ESG, ventures and joint ventures. 

“M&A is the most exhilarating, complex, risky and poorly understood activity organisations do. It can launch you into the stratosphere and just as easily end in complete disaster.”

CEO, Global Consumer Goods Company

The reality is most M&A deals fail to create value. While there’s a range of reasons, the complexity of executing an M&A deal is ultimately the primary cause. 

M&A is often treated as an event rather than a capability in which to invest. For many organizations, M&A is critical to creating value and requires appropriate strategic focus. Our services are designed to address the inherently complex risk by uplifting capability and overcoming any residual capacity challenges to ensure:

  • Clear strategic direction
  • Appropriate preparation
  • Strong stakeholder alignment
  • Effective support
How we operate

We partner with you in a collaborative way across your M&A journey to achieve your ambition.

  • Single point of accountability
  • Support from a senior, experienced team
  • Highly collaborative approach
  • Genuine desire to make you better
  • In it together for the long run

Key integrated M&A services

Our Integrated M&A solution combines advisory and legal services across the M&A lifecycle to help you reduce risks and improve your M&A outcomes.


M&A Strategy & Preparation

Ensuring robust strategic and organisational readiness prior to executing M&A and other corporate transactions


Corporate Development Augmentation

Providing capacity and/or capability to increase the effectiveness of executing M&A and other corporate transactions


Value Realisation

Planning and executing integration and separation programs to minimise business disruption and maximise value realisation

Specialized services

Our Integrated M&A team also provides specialized advisory and legal services that focus on ESG, ventures and joint ventures. 

  • ESG in M&A strategy
  • Due diligence
  • ESG disclosures
  • ESG roadmap


  • Strategy and core principles
  • Parameters and operational planning
  • Business plan and budgeting
  • Operational execution
  • Monitoring and remediation

If you’d like to hear more about any of these services, please let us know.


Case studies

A leading infrastructure and transport service provider operating across Australia and New Zealand recognised the need to enhance its M&A performance, following a challenging experience when the company failed to secure a crucial bid during a selection process.

DLA Piper Business Advisory was engaged to evaluate the client’s M&A mandate and conduct a comprehensive assessment of the company's existing strategy and track record. From this assessment, they developed a clear, updated and well-defined M&A mandate and strategy, leveraging the insights to be significantly better positioned to achieve success in future M&A endeavours.

The outcome of this engagement was highly positive and delivered:

  • A comprehensive M&A post deal review report, including observations, recommendations and outlined next steps.
  • A formal presentation of the assessment report, delivered to stakeholder groups, the board and the executive teams.
  • Ongoing implementation support for the organisation whilst it implemented our recommendations.

Following a high-profile acquisition and subsequent completion of a multi-year transition, our client, a multinational Insurance corporation, needed to revise its long-term core strategy. The revised strategy resulted in a decision to sell its savings & investment business.

The client lacked the required sector expertise and faced capacity restraints in managing the acquisition. DLA Piper Business Advisory were engaged to lead the change management and integration requirements across both organisations, to execute the transaction on time and on budget.

Our advisors co-designed with the client a holistic approach towards the separation. Leveraging our Business-led Change methodology, the program was collaboratively designed to ensure a clean and efficient transition of its selling business, while safeguarding the momentum of the client's broader business and transformation journey.

The key client outcomes of the engagement included:

  • Implementation of a standardised Knowledge Transfer model, ensuring smooth knowledge transition.
  • Effective maintenance of strategic alliances, rolling out referrals, training and communications nationwide across a network of 700+ branches.
  • Maximised employee retention with over 92% of employees transitioning.

A global IT service provider sought assistance with the integration of two major companies they had recently acquired in Europe. The primary challenge was to effectively merge these newly acquired businesses into their existing operations, while strategically positioning the combined entity as one of the leading vendors in the retail tech industry.

DLA Piper Business Advisory was engaged to create a comprehensive Target Operating Model tailored to meet the specific needs of the integration process. This involved several critical phases and allowed the client to emerge as a stronger and more competitive force within the retail tech industry, setting the stage for their continued growth and success.

The development of the Target Operating Model enables and supports value realisation for the client, including:

  • Execution of cross-selling synergy initiatives.
  • Execution of target’s base high-growth business plan. 
  • Retention of key customers and partnerships.
  • Preservation of key talents and positive cultural values.
  • Scalability to accommodate future expansion.

An award-winning interactive entertainment distributor operating in the Australian and New Zealand market sought to vertically diversify its operations through an acquisition. This marked the client's first venture into the world of deal making, and they sought comprehensive support to navigate the entire deal lifecycle, including post-acquisition activities.

DLA Piper Business Advisory was engaged to provide both legal and M&A advisory support to facilitate the acquisition. This encompassed many aspects including project and stakeholder management, as well as legal due diligence and deal execution support.

The engagement outcomes included:

  • Development of a first-year strategy to fulfil acquisition purpose, end state goals, value adds and opportunities for business optimisation.
  • Creation of an integration plan, including establishment of integration governance, operating models, employee restructuring and functional area transition plans.
  • Information capture on people, processes and systems through workshops, management meetings and transaction documentation reviews.