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7 January 20211 minute read

Public Law Review 2020

In 2020, COVID-19 paralysed our health care system and almost eclipsed other challenges and milestones - Brexit, the massive youth climate struggle and the formation of a Belgian federal government, to name a few.

The health crisis has pushed Member States, including Belgium, and the European Union to develop strong visions of recovery. These visions underline the importance of accelerating public investment to contribute to economic recovery in a collaborative, sustainable and innovative approach. The public sector has a key role to play in emerging from the current crisis, and so it must keep abreast of the latest trends as it continues to develop rapidly.

Our Belgian public law team has developed a 2020 review of some of the key trends, latest news.

Some of the topics discussed include latest landmark judgments, trends and (upcoming) developments in public procurement, environmental and energy law, as well as a series of valuable information relating to COVID-19, Brexit and public law litigation.

You can read the Public Law Review 2020 in English, Dutch, French.