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24 June 20212 minute read

The impact of Brexit on Intellectual Property Law

2021 is the first year in which Brexit took full effect, following the end of the transition period. It therefore continues to keep businesses busy on how to get to grips with the legislative changes resulting from Brexit. On 23 June the Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (CIER) of the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands hosted a lecture by Prof. Sir Robin Jacob - one of the world’s leading experts on IP law, on the impact of Brexit on Intellectual Property Law. Dr Alexander Tsoutsanis (DLA Piper) was asked to provide closing remarks. Attendees included practitioners, industry, academics, judges and students. Key points discussed during the lecture and subsequent panel discussion include:

- Whether UK national law in the field of trademark, designs and copyright would differentiate itself from the existing acquis communautaire, set out by the EU since its inception in 1957;

- The future of the Unified Patent Court in years to come;

- The need for increasing international cooperation, calling on lawmakers to find common ground and adapt existing treaties to today’s global economy of the 21st century.

In case you have any questions on Brexit and its impact on intellectual property rights, please get in touch with Alexander or your local attorney at DLA Piper. We have a dedicated team to assist with any issues surrounding Brexit and are glad to help.

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