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21 March 20241 minute read

Boosting credibility with proven packaging claims

Motivated by a commitment to environmental responsibility, a leading global food company wanted to improve its packaging materials. But sustainability claims about packaging are a risk. Any inaccuracies could lead to recalls and scrutiny from competitors and regulatory authorities.


Claims have to be backed up with evidence

We helped the company develop substantiated sustainability claims, making sure they complied with regulatory standards and industry best practices. We also advised the company on how they could back up their claims, emphasizing the importance of robust evidence to uphold credibility. The strategies we developed decreased the risk of attracting unwanted attention from market authorities and competitors, safeguarding the company's reputation and market position.


Minimizing risk and building trust

Our client successfully introduced the new packaging materials with its new sustainability claims. By taking on our recommendations, the company minimized the risk of recalls and regulatory actions while maintaining a competitive edge in the market. Using credible sustainability claims bolstered consumer trust and reinforced the company's commitment to environmental stewardship, positioning it as a leader in sustainable packaging innovation in the food industry.

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