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DLA Piper in the Netherlands

DLA Piper in the Netherlands boasts a long history dating back to 1916. With more than 270 employees working at our Amsterdam office, including over 170 lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax advisors, we provide outstanding legal services to both national and international clients. In order to meet our clients' needs, our Amsterdam office covers a full range of services across all practice areas, including: Corporate, Employment, Finance, Projects and Restructuring, Intellectual Property and Technology, Litigation and Regulatory, Real Estate and Tax.

Our clients benefit from our international view of the market, our international standards, work processes, sector insights and the short lines of communication with our international colleagues. While we are pragmatic in our approach, we are driven to obtain the best results that is cost effective for our clients. Our clients can depend on us to provide them with solutions that are practical whether it be on their straight forward legal matters or on their more complex legal issues.

Our international, consistent and integrated way of working enables us to quickly leverage our broad experience and expertise for the benefit of our clients. This methodology works best when we have a full understanding of our client and their business so to provide a service and project team that is tailored to our client’s specific legal needs.

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Led by Country Managing Partner Lex Oosterling, our Amsterdam office offers local expertise backed by the resources of one of the world's largest law firms.


Country Managing Partner

Your trusted ESG guide in the Netherlands

We help you transition to a more sustainable future

Our planet’s temperature is rising. Biodiversity is collapsing. The world’s population keeps on growing. And social pressure is increasing by the day. The urgency for a more sustainable future is both pervasive and non-negotiable. This means, Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) is no longer a corporate box ticking or report writing exercise. It’s the umbrella under which all facets of the transition towards a more sustainable future are gathered. 

In the past few years, we’ve seen the ESG legal framework evolve rapidly. Making the transition towards a more sustainable future an undeniable and critical necessity for every business. Your organisation’s social license depends on meeting stakeholder’s ESG expectations, complying with the ESG legal framework and driving performance through a well-articulated strategy. 

We believe that by making businesses better, we make the world a better place. On your journey towards a more sustainable future, we are your trusted ESG guide. Wherever you are in your transition, we will guide you with forward-looking and pragmatic legal advice. With our global mind-set and vast practical experience, we help you overcome environmental, social and governance challenges and seize ESG-related opportunities.


The challenges and opportunities of ESG are vastly diverse. As your trusted ESG guide, we help you focus on the most relevant ESG-related topics. Enabling you to really get moving and truly make an impact. Some of the current trends we see are:

More and more, businesses are held accountable for their entire supply chain. In order to avoid claims against your business, you need to make sure your supply chain is free of climate, biodiversity and human rights violations. 

We can help you set up a robust due diligence process covering all these angles, assess group policies from a parent company liability perspective, identify inconsistencies between your public statements and policies and your actions, develop a coherent position in the face of NGO or shareholder adversity and – if litigation is likely – set up a coherent defence frame.

If ESG litigation is unavoidable, we are here to defend you. Whether claimants are petitioning the Dutch Enterprise Chamber, bringing class actions or seeking injunctions to change your policies. For all these different types of proceedings we offer an all-round litigation team with a breadth of experience.

For ESG Litigation contact Michiel Coenraads or Jorian Hamster.

Read the ESG Litigation brochure

In order to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, your business needs to set and meet yearly reduction goals. For your own activities (scope 1), your energy demand (scope 2), and your value chain (scope 3).

We can help you reach these goals by reviewing your current situation, by enabling the offtake of renewable energy through a corporate power purchase agreement (cPPA) – reducing your scope 2 emissions, by assessing the viability of investing in high integrity carbon credits – compensating for unabated emissions, and by setting up the required contracting. 

Hereby helping your business accelerate the transition to net zero and channel resources into green projects and programs that genuinely reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions.

For Corporate Power Purchase Agreements contact Gerard Kneppers.

For Carbon Credits contact Khaled Dadi or Rens van Blaricum.

Read the Carbon Credits brochure

Businesses are under an increasing pressure to offer green products and services, and eager to show their effort and progress towards sustainability. Unfortunately, research by the European Commission found that these claims are often exaggerated, inaccurate and misleading to consumers.

We understand your urge to make green claims about your products and services, in order to stay relevant in times of shifting consumer demand. However, the legal framework for these claims offers quite a few challenges. 

We can help you navigate the complex legal landscape and translate your sustainability efforts into compliant advertising material. We scrutinize your green claims against current rules and regulations, to make sure you are ready for strict enforcement by consumer authorities and civil claims alike.

Allowing you to focus on your business and the transition towards a more sustainable future.

For Substantiated Green Claims contact Leon Korsten, Richard van SchaikRutger Stoop or Jorian Hamster

Read the Green Claims in advertising brochure

In a more sustainable future, there will be a much higher demand for renewable energy: wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal.

Creating a more sustainable demand for energy is crucial in the need to limit scope 2 emissions. The transition to sustainable energy allows everyone – consumers and companies – to participate in the production, purchase and sale of energy. 

This activity is central to discussions around climate change and, increasingly, calls for greater energy security driven by geopolitical instability.

For Renewable Energy Projects contact Gerard Kneppers.

Read the Corporate Power Purchase Agreements brochure

Read the Renewable Energy Projects brochure

In ESG, as elsewhere, there are many more good plans than good performers. We’ve been helping clients in all sectors perform at all stages of their sustainability journey for many years now. By turning ideas into strategies and strategies into actions. 

Are you ready to start your journey with us? Feel free to reach out to our team. We are here to help!