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5 April 20234 minute read

Getting started on doing business with the US government

The US government is the world’s largest customer, offering numerous opportunities to businesses through its federal procurement system. Working within this system, companies of all sizes may find fresh routes for selling their products or services.

Led by our highly experienced government contracting lawyers, this webinar sets out the basics for companies starting out on this path.

You will be introduced to the US federal government contracting marketplace, focusing on opportunities, risks, strategies, and other key considerations for US and non-US businesses alike, including:

  • Basic requirements and how to meet them from the start
  • Various sales channels
  • Types of contracts and the differing obligations with each
  • What to do when acquiring a US government contractor
  • Key business strategies

Our Global Government Contracting initiative supports businesses in sourcing and winning new government contracting opportunities, and supports governments, and other regulated entities, in doing business with the private sector. We provide helpful country-specific information, procurement articles, webinars and spotlight interviews through this initiative.