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15 March 20232 minute read

Episode 7: Evolving sanctions regimes and the impact on global business

Are sanctions really the new FCPA, as Lisa Monaco, the Deputy Attorney General of the United States recently stated? In the last year, sanction regimes across the globe have become more complex and hard hitting than we have ever known. Staying up to date with regulations and ensuring compliance across your organisation is more challenging than ever. Sanctions now have the full attention of the C-suite and General Counsels due to the potential consequence to the business.

In our latest podcast episode, we speak with DLA Piper partners and leading voices on global sanctions - Ignacio Sanchez (Co-Chair, Federal Law and Policy Group, Washington D.C.) and John Forrest (Head of International Trade, London) to get to grips on how the legal and regulatory framework of sanctions is impacting your global business, and importantly what actions you should be taking. This episode’s show host is Patrick Rappo, Global Co-Chair of Compliance and Investigations at DLA Piper in London. 

We discuss:

  • What are the global trends in sanctions?
  • How are the enforcers behaving?
  • What are the key things your organisation needs to be aware of? 

Read more about our global compliance practice, and our international trade practice. Stay up to date with the latest sanctions developments with DLA Piper’s Global Sanctions Alert.

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