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“Our clients don’t just want a legal answer.”

They want us to anticipate their needs and provide a commercial approach that helps them succeed. We set up Law& to collaborate with our clients, co-create solutions with them and enhance the advice we give through tech solutions, advisory services and tailored products.

Simon Levine, DLA Piper Global Co-CEO

How Law& delivers for our clients

Law& delivers solutions beyond traditional legal services to help your business succeed. From consultancy to cutting-edge AI, it integrates technology and first-class commercial and legal knowhow.

This is about doing things differently. Challenging assumptions and embracing change. Redefining problems to find ways of making business quicker, easier and better.

Where we don't already have a proven solution to your challenge, we'll develop a bespoke one with you.

Innovation takes many forms – from radical ideas that reshape or disrupt a market, to ideas that drive efficiencies and create better outcomes for our clients.

We deliver these through Law& Innovate and Law& Optimize

What our clients say

“We chose TOKO, DLA Piper, Hex Trust and Hedera because they're at the forefront of blockchain-based capital markets. It has been a rewarding experience with this incredible team.”

Eric Smithers, Calcite
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“We'd definitely look to use Kira again given the time and cost savings. It was beneficial to have lawyers' time freed to focus on providing commercial advice.”

In-house counsel, real estate client
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“DLA Piper Business Advisory has created a great space for our people to learn and lead together, inspiring confidence across the organisation.”

CEO, government agency

“If we could have applied Aiscension ten years ago, we'd have avoided millions of dollars in fines and reputational damage.”

General counsel, global pulp and paper company
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Featured solutions

Law& Innovate

Law& Innovate is about radical ideas. It's where we challenge convention. While our legal advice remains at the core of our service, Law& Innovate gives clients solutions beyond what they may traditionally expect from a law firm. 

We use Design Thinking to help our clients uncover and define their challenges and unmet needs, and then work with them to find solutions. This could be using advanced AI technologies to manage their risk profile in areas such as cartel or anti-bribery activity. It could be working with our business advisors on an end-to-end M&A transaction or to help with their ESG strategies. Or it could be raising capital through our own asset tokenization platform.

Law& Innovate Solutions

Aiscension is a cartel risk-management service that uses AI to help detect risks in your business. It combines Reveal's best-in-class AI tools with DLA Piper’s renowned legal knowhow to audit parts of your business.

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Directors face greater responsibilities than ever before. Balancing risk, reputation, and value creation is crucial. Legal and regulatory obligations have become complex and non-delegable. Our Boardroom Counsel service gives clear guidance on optimal board behavior and stakeholder engagement, to improve the quality of board decisions, manage risk, facilitate access to capital, and enhance individual and corporate reputations.

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It’s never been more important for organizations to consistently deliver their strategic priorities. Clients work with DLA Piper Business Advisory to navigate complex challenges and deliver better outcomes through our integrated teams of consultants and lawyers.

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Our bespoke design-thinking methodology for making change happen. DLA Design comprises a framework, training and a toolkit, all based on a human-centered approach to innovation. The framework has three main phases: understand, create and implement. The methodology encourages questions and gives tools to broaden thinking around possible solutions, with a fail-fast approach through experimentation and prototypes.

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DLA Piper clients now have access to GBP150 million of committed capital for litigation or arbitration claims, including claims that vest in an insolvent estate. We've established an entirely independent company, Aldersgate Funding Limited, to facilitate this, which is backed by Litigation Capital Management, which is listed on AIM, and seeks to offer excellent funding terms through the creation of a portfolio fund.

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With Aldersgate DLS (Digital Ledger Solutions), we've launched TOKO, a unique tokenization engine and vital component in the digital asset ecosystem that provides smart contract functionality and digital asset creation functionality and assurance. TOKO helps asset owners create unique product offerings and improve asset liquidity, and gives them access to a wider group of investors.

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Law& Optimize

Law& Optimize creates operational excellence and delivers efficiencies for our clients through the use of legal technology and project managed services. It brings legal technologists, data scientists, legal project managers, paralegals and dedicated business process improvement people, together with our lawyers, to create bespoke solutions for our clients. This frees up their time to focus on what matters most to them.
Law& Optimize Solutions

Our Flexible Lawyers service is an easy, cost-effective way to expand your team with high-quality lawyers who already know your business and our way of working. They can relieve pressure in busy times, lead new projects, supervise teams and bring fresh thinking.

Our Legal Delivery Centre provides repeat or data-heavy legal services using streamlined processes, paralegals and cutting-edge technology. This allows more senior lawyers to focus on overall delivery, including your more challenging advisory and strategic needs.

Our Legal Project Management team applies project management methodologies and tools to structure and facilitate the delivery of legal work. They scope, resource, budget, monitor, manage, spot opportunities and share best practice with you. They also troubleshoot non-legal issues, implement appropriate technology and tools, manage information flows and communication, and champion continuous improvement.

Our Legal Technology team acts as the translation layer between new technology and matter delivery, ensuring we use our tech in the best possible way to enhance your matters. It works closely with our legal project managers and other teams to provide an internal and client-facing service, bringing new technology and legal delivery together.

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Every business wants to do better and be better, but sometimes processes that once were optimal no longer meet your needs. It can often feel unwieldy and difficult to change these processes. Our Operational Excellence team can help you redesign your processes, implement your business improvement projects and give tangible, positive results for your business. 

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