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2 May 20232 minute read

Consumer protection issues along the product lifecycle and customer journey

In today's global marketplace, companies face an ever-increasing need to get their products into the hands of consumers quickly and easily. But with this comes the responsibility of ensuring that these products meet the necessary regulatory requirements and that customers are protected.

Our panel, consisting of Victoria Lee, Greg Tulquois, Thilo von Bodungen, and Alessandro Ferrari, will delve into the key issues affecting the current market and share their insights into how companies can implement a regulatory framework that addresses all the needs of the product and customer.

From the initial design phase to post-sale support, the panel discuss the challenges that companies face in complying with consumer protection laws across multiple jurisdictions. They will also share best practices and practical tips for companies looking to navigate the complex and evolving regulatory landscape.

Whether you are a multinational corporation or a small business, this podcast will provide valuable insights into how you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure compliance. 

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