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25 January 20241 minute read

Green hydrogen in the Nordics

The European Union is making big commitments to green hydrogen, but it will rest on individual countries to deliver on these plans – and it is the Nordics that are taking an early lead. The nations are set to become net exporters of green hydrogen in the 2030s, with green hydrogen production set to exceed demand by 20% by 2035, according to Aurora Energy Research. That means they are going to play a vital role in the commercialisation and growth of this industry.

In this episode, we look at the fundamentals of the market and the progress on green hydrogen projects. We talk to Jens Walzner, Executive Director Infrastructure and Renewables at Prime Capital, about the role that the Nordics will play in unlocking Europe's green hydrogen potential. This includes discussion about current progress on pioneering projects; the latest developments in renewable energy that enables green hydrogen production; and leveraging private investment into the sector.

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