Driving value through strategic litigation opportunities

Whether you’re looking to close unresolved disputes or proactively protect your business-oriented rights, our team of litigators offers novel and bespoke strategies to pursue economic opportunities for your organization. Our affirmative litigation practice offers clients the opportunity to pursue their legal rights in business-to-business disputes – with minimized cost and associated risk.

Acting as a first mover in business-to-business litigation allows us to frame the narrative, advocate on your behalf , and provide new value in the marketplace. With your business at the center of our strategy, we leverage these advantages to maximize strategic opportunities through litigation.

As fully invested partners, we share the risk on plaintiff-side cases to ensure you aren’t alone in pursuing claims you otherwise wouldn’t bring, demonstrating our team’s commitment to winning and aligning our successes. We share the risk by offering a range of alternative fee arrangements, including full or partial contingency fee arrangements, success fees, and additional potential for use of vetted litigation funders.

“The firm is incredibly responsive, they’re a true partner and very strategic. They’re also very understanding and insightful about bigger-picture implications.”

Chambers USA

We can guide our clients through every step of the litigation finance process, from drafting, negotiating, and closing funding agreements, to strategically advising on the tax implications when entering into alternative arrangements. We also advise on all aspects of litigation finance, such as fund formation and financing arrangements. Through every step of the litigation finance process – from drafting and negotiating funding agreements to advising on tax implications – your business interests are always top of mind.

We represent plaintiffs on substantial, multi-faceted, multi-district business litigation for some of the world’s leading companies in their most complex disputes. As a true business partner, we represent clients involved in matters ranging from patent infringement to breach of contract issues with their unresolved disputes or those interested in protecting their business-oriented rights.



  • Represented a public Fortune 100 company as a plaintiff in a worldwide patent infringement litigation against a competitor. In litigation spanning the ITC, US district courts, Germany, and the UK, we obtained a $360 million settlement on behalf of our client in 2022.

  • Won company-saving trial victory in international arbitration for branded-pharmaceutical innovator before unanimous tribunal of retired judges in New York. Achieved critical savings for the client by having long-term patent license and product supply agreements declared unenforceable. Publication of the trial victory caused the client’s stock price to rise by more than 50% in before-hours trading.

  • Represented a private equity infrastructure global leader at arbitration in a breach of contract claim against the city of Chicago that resulted in US $62 million arbitration award, which was affirmed by the Illinois Appellate Court.

  • Obtained a jury verdict on behalf of a family owned and operated company finding that its competitor committed trademark infringement and cyberpiracy under the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act. We secured max statutory damages and attorneys’ fees based on a finding that it was an exceptional case.

  • Represented an industry leading technology company as a plaintiff in a conspiracy matter, prevailing against numerous efforts to dismiss the case.

  • Represented telecom companies in multiple matters seeking enforcement of contract terms seeking and winning substantial recoveries in courts nationwide.