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A safety measure for businesses that was virtually impossible. Not anymore.

You may already be confident in your risk management program, but in the face of regulatory scrutiny, Aiscension will enhance your case - showing that you took your obligations seriously. Adding an Aiscension review into your compliance management program helps you prevent massive fines and untold reputational damage by proactively assessing for risk.
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How Aiscension can help your business

  • Manage risk in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way.
  • Get ahead to prevent or reduce fines, sanctions and brand damage.
  • Use cutting-edge technology to lift the level of protection for your business.

What is Aiscension?

Designed to scan millions of communications in minutes, Aiscension uses neural-net AI to bring exceptional speed and efficiency to your compliance monitoring. Its ability to pick up on suspicious patterns and identify out-of-the-ordinary behaviors across millions of datapoints can make all the difference to your business security.

After Aiscension has reviewed the documents, our lawyers review the findings to ensure you know the potential risk and impact to your business. It shows you how effective your existing compliance program is, and if issues are found, we work with you to address them.

“Reviewing half a million documents would take lawyers up to 8,500 hours, or more than six months, for a first-line review alone.”

Aiscension is a tool we developed with eDiscovery and AI experts Reveal Brainspace. It can be used to proactively and rapidly scan communications to identify potential risks. Because it works in over 100 languages, you can use it across your whole supply chain to ensure compliance. 

Currently Aiscension looks for bribery and cartels in an organization. Working with our clients on the risks they are most concerned by, we'll continue to develop more monitoring capabilities. 

Running this kind of search manually can take an extremely long time. Reviewing, say, half a million documents would take lawyers up to 8,500 hours for a first-line review alone - more than 6 months!

This means proactive monitoring has been almost impossible until now, and we believe proactive monitoring is the future of regulatory requirements. With Aiscension, you can run the same review in as little as 90 hours for a fraction of the cost. It can highlight weaknesses in your compliance policies and issues that need to be addressed, and shows employees that compliance is being measured.  

You can take control of your risk monitoring by being proactive instead of reacting in crisis to a regulatory investigation, which goes a long way with regulators. It gets you ahead if you’re already facing enquiries into corporate wrongdoing, including by agents or subsidiaries. And it allows your legal team to focus on adding value in a more strategic way to your business.

Aiscension put to the test

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Is Aiscension right for you?

Aiscension is relevant to every business, but there are a few that stand out:

  • You have operations in highly regulated regions, such as the US and Europe.
  • You are in a high-risk sectors like industrials and manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, financial services or insurance.
  • You may already be under investigation for bribery or cartel activity or have previously been fined.
How you can use Aiscension to detect bribery