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Artificial intelligence on a global scale

Artificial intelligence and automation are changing the way we do business. Companies across all industries are deploying a variety of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies to automate and optimize business processes. We can help you understand the risks and opportunities of creating and deploying these game-changing technologies. From compliance with an array of global regulations to ethics and everyday business decisions, our global team has you covered. 

AI and machine learning technologies are transforming the way we do business. From chatbots and natural language processing to classifiers and intelligent robotics, AI helps you automate and optimize processes. Navigating regulatory compliance, liability risk, privacy, transparency, and ethics calls for a knowledgeable, experienced global team. Our team is at the forefront of AI regulations and work closely with government agencies and industry associations to shape emerging rules.  

“We collaborate with clients across the AI ecosystem to understand the legal and compliance risks and develop the right compliance and government affairs strategy for your success. ”

Our clients range from FDA breakthrough-designated device-makers to leading national security developers to some of the largest financial and consumer companies implementing AI into legacy systems. We cover all elements that touch AI, including compliance with an ever-increasing array of global AI regulations, procuring, and contracting for AI-enabled systems and services, intellectual property strategies, data management and cybersecurity, privacy laws and data protection, liability for operators and users of AI systems, and issues of ethics and transparency.  

We collaborate with clients across the AI ecosystem – developers of AI technologies, investors, and established businesses implementing AI solutions – to understand the legal and compliance risks and develop the right compliance and government affairs strategy for your success.  


Awards and recognition


How we have delivered for our clients

  • AiCure, LLC, an innovative AI company, in its USD24.5 million Series C financing; its debt financing; and its representation in a loan agreement to increase the commitment of up to USD8 million term loan from Silicon Valley Bank
  • An AI company in its bridge financing
  • An AI company in its Series Seed 2 financing
  • Cars Wars, an AI phone solution for auto dealerships, in its acquisition of VistaDash, an industry leader in standardizing marketing metrics
  • dMATRiX, an AI technology company, in its Series Seed financing
  •, an AI healthtech company transforming medical research, in its USD25 million seed funding led by Anthem; in its common stock financing with ATH Holding Company; and in its SAFE financing
  • Insilico Medicine, Inc., a biotechnology company applying AI to drug discovery, in its Series A financing; in its joint venture with Juvenescence Ltd.; and in its Common Equity financing
  • Merlyn.AI Corp., a developer of an AI investment platform, in its Series Seed financing
  • Raw Shorts, an AI video editor and text to video maker, in its early stage venture financing
  • Veeve, Inc., a technology company using AI for power shopping, in its convertible note financing
  • Vista Analytics, LLC, an AI software company that serves clients in the litigation support space, in its acquisition by Berkeley Research Group, LLC

  • A leading association of US CEOs regarding federal legislation to prevent invidious discrimination due to algorithmic bias 
  • A legislative gap analysis exercise for one of the world's largest technology companies regarding to the effectiveness of the existing EU rules to address issues arising from AI-based facial recognition technology 
  • Numerous global pharmaceutical and device companies on AI and machine learning initiatives and governance 
  • Numerous clients on key developments in the US Congress on AI policy issues and the growing amount of federal funding for AI initiatives in the federal agencies, such as the US Department of Defense 
  • Numerous companies in regulatory considerations regarding the use of AI to evaluate and provide feedback on conventional laboratory testing results, medical imaging, and other health data metrics 
  • Numerous clients on the application of automobile and other regulations to automated and self-driving vehicles and technologies that use AI 

  • A commercial sector client, national defense counsel for regulatory and class action litigation arising from the use of sophisticated algorithms and predictive analytics 
  • A healthcare AI company in litigation over an M&A transaction and related contractual breaches  
  • A leading molecular data analytics company in multiple matters, including reimbursement disputes for innovative modalities 
  • A national consumer products retailer an investigation over sales and customer data in an AI initiative 
  • An AI technology startup in litigation with a former executive 
  • Multiple healthcare AI (HAI) companies in intellectual property, data commercialization and risk assessment matters 
  • Multiple healthcare IT (HIT) companies in crisis response and liability mitigation regarding data 
  • Users of recommendation engines in various litigation matters 
  • Performing internal risk assessments and mitigations for Artificial Intelligence programs at major leading pharmaceutical, medical device and digital health companies 
  • Assisted biotech Artificial Intelligence start-ups and spin-outs from major universities in company formation, commercialization, FDA matters and meetings with CMS, CMMI, HHS and other agencies and departments 
  • Assisting major pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare companies on policy issues involving ethical AI and emerging standards, codes of conduct, and best practices for trustworthy, safe and reliable AI 

  • BCG at its global legal conference on AI, machine learning and data analytics 
  • Capital One in its patent strategy related to implementing AI in banking and consumer finance 
  • DeNa Company, Ltd. in its partnership with the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Yokohama Baystars, who use AI in analysis of baseball prospects and on-field/in game strategy 
  • Intuit in its patent strategy related to implementing AI in financial management and tax preparation 
  • Numerous startups and public companies on patent strategy for AI across these sectors: life sciences, healthcare, sports, entertainment, consumer goods and products, and real estate 
  • Ombudsman Service in the procurement and implementation of an AI tool for claims processing and management 
  • Tata Steel in its outsourcing to TCS, including the TCS deployment of AI for process improvement and efficiencies  
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Artificial intelligence and automation are changing the way we do business. While the use of AI offers many benefits, it also presents a wide range of legal obligations and questions, especially in areas such as regulatory compliance, governance, public reporting, privacy and ethics.

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