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Doing business well

Corporations today are expected to ask themselves not just “can we?” but “should we?” So we’ve assembled a global team of advisors to give strategic, commercial and evidence-based advice to boards, tailored for the challenges they face. We don’t just help our clients do business. We help them do it well.
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Clear guidance on optimal board behavior

Whether you’re a public company, private business or global NGO, our Boardroom Advisory Service provides clear guidance on optimal board behavior and stakeholder engagement. Improve the quality of board decisions, manage risk and enhance individual and corporate reputations.

Knowledge is power

Global businesses face critical financial, technological, environmental, social and governance-related risks. Key to managing them is understanding the legal context and stakeholder expectations, which vary across markets and are constantly evolving. As a global firm with local insight, we help clients forecast how changing perceptions of business norms and best practice can affect future risk.

We understand the pivotal role that organizational values and corporate purpose must play in strategic decision-making for all businesses, including our own. So we work closely with each client to gain a thorough understanding of their values – including those not articulated in their mission statement.

It's vital that boards have access to the latest insights and advice to drive high-quality and resilient decision-making, and to mitigate corporate and personal liabilities. Our approach is proactive, with early engagement designed to achieve consensus solutions wherever possible. This ensures the board of directors is fully protected and preserves value for stakeholders.

What does Boardroom Advisory Service do?

We guide and support boards in the effective management of:

  • systemic corporate and third-sector governance
  • development of commercial strategies to generate and maintain long-term value
  • contingency planning for and reaction to black swan events, including distress and insolvency
  • anti-bribery and corruption protocols
  • cybersecurity and data protection threats
  • implementing responsible business and environmental, social and governance practices
  • local human rights risk interaction with global liability
  • stakeholder engagement and shareholder activism defense
  • C-suite succession planning and human capital management
  • global government relations
  • director induction and continuing education for transformational change
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Global Guide to Directors' Duties

An overview of directors' duties in 26 jurisdictions around the world, to help directors address and mitigate the risks associated with their role.

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