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With a pragmatic approach and a steady hand, our global team executes the best dispute resolution strategies for your company. We are your partner in every sense of the word, fully invested in your success no matter where in the world you need us. 

Your business objectives and legal strategies are intricately interconnected. Clients ask us to manage their disputes that affect their most significant business opportunities and challenges because we understand their commercial priorities as well as the legal and regulatory risks where high-stakes litigation, arbitration and investigations are concerned.

Our team helps you efficiently resolve your dispute – whether that’s through requesting an early settlement in litigation or representing you throughout arbitration proceedings. Our solutions are tailored to your needs.  

We also keep you informed on market trends. We’re seeing a rise in large-scale litigation, class actions and collective redress and cases that challenge our clients’ core business.

This includes issues stemming from geopolitical tensions, supply chain disruption and global disruptors such as COVID-19 and the global economic downturn. Increasing regulatory activity has pushed our clients to address both policy and procedural requirements and has fueled an exponential increase in internal and regulator-driven investigations.  

“With one of the largest and most sophisticated teams of disputes lawyers globally, we can manage large-scale challenges efficiently around the world.”

Issues linked to sustainability and ESG matters are surging. Alongside the decarbonizing of operations and supply chains, cases range from environmental litigation and related class actions to parent company liability and greenwashing. 

The sheer volume of diverse matters we’ve handled successfully allows us to provide unique insight. We handle complex matters efficiently through matter management and budget tracking, proprietary AI platforms, cutting-edge technology and project management tools.  

With a local presence in over 40 countries including all of the key global business markets, our team understands the legal, business and cultural influences on your litigation, arbitration and investigation matters in virtually every jurisdiction.

With one of the largest and most sophisticated teams of disputes lawyers globally, we can manage large-scale challenges efficiently around the world, including complex global investigations and multijurisdictional, collective litigation and arbitration matters.  

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