In a world where the demands for energy are growing exponentially, those operating in the energy sector are looking to their lawyers to provide more than legal skill; they are also seeking in-depth sector know-how and innovative solutions to the challenges they face. DLA Piper's energy lawyers deliver to our clients the focused, innovative sector advice they need, wherever in the world they need it.

In a sector of relentless change, demand and complexity, private and public corporations wisely rely on experienced, global legal counsel for any matter involving energy.

We are entering an era of unprecedented demand for power generation and transmission, especially within emerging economies. This dynamic, together with the challenges we all face from climate change, is creating new opportunities for alternative energies and new technologies.

Our energy clients receive coordinated, across-the-board coverage for their needs, including construction and projects, corporate, competition, regulatory, contractual, trading, litigation/arbitration, dispute resolution and tax issues. We understand the technical, geographical, commercial and geopolitical factors that shape the industry and have first-hand access to contacts, sponsors and decision makers worldwide.

DLA Piper's energy team includes professionals in the detailed, multi-layered and often complex regulatory frameworks that apply to energy sector projects and activities. We advise regulators, the regulated, investors and other industry participants on the implications of the regulatory framework during the planning, development and operational stages of many energy projects and activities.

For decades, we have represented organizations operating in the sector throughout the world. Our global team serves clients in the power, oil and gas, renewable, nuclear, energy trading, climate change and water markets. Alongside energy companies, our clients include project sponsors, corporations, developers, financial institutions, governments, utilities and regulatory bodies.

We work with a broad scope of clients ranging from the world’s largest oil and gas companies to investment banks active in energy and commodities trading and venture-backed alternative energy entrepreneurs. Our lawyers provide strategic advice on planning, development, financing and permitting matters, as well as legislative, political and regulatory issues.

Focus areas

  • Commodities trading

    DLA Piper is one of the very few law firms that offers the full suite of services associated with successful structured finance transactions. Our team brings long-standing trading and structured transaction experience and specific industry experience to our trading clients. We are particularly well suited to effect quick and innovative structures for our trading clients operating in the energy, agro, transport and infrastructure sectors around the world. We represent a wide range of companies that trade, finance and transport such products. We also represent project investors, banks specializing in trade finance for commodities ventures and financing schemes, and shipping companies that charter, operate and own oceangoing vessels. We know how trading firms operate: fast, efficient, and through the use of transactions that mitigate risk while generating revenue. DLA Piper has the finance and the structured products experience that few firms can offer: we know how to get the deal done. Our added value is our extensive experience and contacts throughout the industry in that we can assist in finding the right counterparty and in structuring the kind of deal that best suits our trading client.

    The team is well equipped to structure transactions to mitigate risk in challenging markets, whatever commodities or technologies are involved and is experienced in providing bespoke financing solutions and cutting‑edge security packages tailored to our clients’ commercial needs. 

  • Mining

    Changing economic conditions are often felt at the mine mouth long before they appear on the balance sheet or the boardroom table. DLA Piper is responsive to our mining clients' needs as they adapt to the cyclical shifts in the global commodities markets. Our innovative solutions assist them to efficiently address these challenges and opportunities.

    From startup to divestment or site closure, our Mining legal team can provide a complete legal solution, covering everything from day-to-day operational issues to large scale international transactions and arbitrations.

    Our commodities lawyers have detailed knowledge of local regulatory environments, key project drivers and the market. We understand how the many components of a project interact with one another. Our mining team takes a holistic approach to project development, which enables us to offer a balanced assessment in the best interests of the project as a whole. We can assist you to identify, analyze, negotiate and document project structures and to maintain efficiency when the project is operational.

    Mining is a truly global industry, and we can provide the location-based assistance as well as the experience and skills that clients in this sector require. For those with projects across countries or continents, we can provide a single point of contact to help manage the delivery of legal services to all of your projects and your personnel.

  • Oil and gas

    DLA Piper's Oil and Gas lawyers have extensive experience in all segments of the global industry. With a vast network featuring practitioners on the ground in key jurisdictions worldwide, we understand the industry-specific nuances that affect energy transactions and disputes as well as complex, multi-jurisdictional engagements that are part of your strategy wherever you do business.

    We handle both onshore and offshore legal work for a spectrum of clients, from major international oil companies, governments and state-owned companies to independents and private equity and mid-market entities. We offer leading lawyers in mergers and acquisitions, project development, finance, tax, environmental, technology and IP, real estate and dispute resolution. All our lawyers work together as a team across our global platform to address your transactional needs and, when necessary, to mobilize immediately.

    We work with contractors, developers, utilities, banks, investors and governments, providing strategic advice on planning, development, financing and permitting matters, as well as legislative, political and regulatory issues.

    Our experience encompasses:

    • Upstream: licensing/concessions, exploration and extraction; the operation of oil and gas fields; farm-ins/farm-outs, JOAs, joint venturing
    • Midstream infrastructure: construction, financing and operation of oil and gas infrastructure, such as pipelines, tank farms and refineries; sales and handling of crude oil and gas, along with the construction of related infrastructure; and CNG/LNG projects/sales
    • Downstream dissemination of products: offtake of production and the sale of products; lifting and transportation of oil and gas; storage and through-putting of products
    • Acquisition and disposal of oil and gas interests/assets; due diligence and investigation behind acquisitions
    • Financing for oil and gas: funding acquisitions; project-financing for developments; funding cash-calls; security structures over oil and gas assets; trading of oil products
    • Shipping and trading of oil and gas
    • International arbitrations and other forms of dispute resolution
  • Power
    The firm's Power team comprises lawyers throughout the Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, positioning us to help energy clients with their legal needs anywhere in the world. Our key service areas within the Power sector include:
    • Conventional generation
    • Renewables
    • Alternative energy
    • Transmission and distribution
    • Wholesale and retail electricity
    • Energy market reform

    We advise on all phases of power transactions including:
    • Project development
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Financing
    • Corporate structuring and tax advice
    • Licensing and technology transfer
    • Government / regulatory
    • Litigation and international arbitration
    • Environmental
    • Employment

    We have completed financings that have been implemented through a variety of structures, including traditional offtaker-based project financings, PAPS tax equity investments, leasing, private placements, portfolio financings, multi-tranche first and second lien structures, export credit agency and other multilateral agency supported transactions. By representing clients with diverse roles in many types of transactions, our group has developed experience that well equips us to assist clients in assessing and resolving the complex issues that arise in project finance matters.
  • Renewables

    DLA Piper's globally situated Renewables practitioners represent sponsors, lenders, equity investors, multilateral institutions and government bodies and agencies in the development, financing, construction acquisition and sale of, or investment in, a wide range of renewables-related projects and infrastructure projects. Among these are renewable power generation projects, energy storage facilities, utility-scale, distributed and residential solar, on-shore and offshore wind and biomass and other innovative and technology-based entities. We deliver comprehensive services to renewables clients from project finance and development and M&A to tax, environmental, real estate, tech and IP, employment and disputes and arbitrations.

    We have advised on hundreds of renewable energy projects developed and financed around the world. Members of our team regularly represent clients in the purchase of wind turbines, solar panels, batteries, inverters, gas turbines and steam generators and other equipment or related and in the evaluation of such contracts in the context of an acquisition or a financing.

    We have been active in energy storage for almost a decade and have monitored the industry's progress closely while advising clients on the negotiation of long-term offtake agreements, evolving tariff requirements, the purchase of equipment and project financing, including the landmark financing of a portfolio of battery storage systems.

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