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5 December 20222 minute read

The New Procurement Bill Reform

Sector-specific Regimes

5 December 2022 1:00-2:00pm GMT

Special Procurement Regimes: How will utilities contracts be procured in the UK following the Procurement Bill? What is on the horizon for defence sector procurement in the UK?

With the introduction and ongoing passage of the Procurement Bill through Parliament, notable reform will soon take effect which will impact the running of public procurements in much of the UK. In this third of our series of webinars exploring the key features of the Procurement Bill, we consider the treatment of certain special procurement regimes under the Procurement Bill with a focus on utilities procurement and defence sector procurement.

Currently the subject of their own separate regulatory regimes, proposed consolidation of these regimes will result in many public procurements in these sectors being caught by the broader provisions of the main Procurement Bill/Act. This may have implications both for contracting authorities running the procurements and suppliers taking part in such procurements.

In the first half of our webinar, we focus on utilities procurements with the second half of the webinar being dedicated to defence sector procurement, including consideration of related reforms to the single source regulatory regime.


Who should attend?
  • Individuals in a contracting authority responsible for running a procurement process
  • Individuals in organisations bidding for public sector contracts
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Eleanor Kerslake - Legal Director

Rob Smith - Partner, Leeds

Andy Batty - Senior Associate, Manchester

Louis Head - Associate, London