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Our Start-up Pack, is intended to provide assistance and support to early-stage start-ups and high growth companies in New Zealand that are looking to establish their business on a more formal basis.

The Start-up Pack provides, at no cost, key legal documents that an early-stage start-up company in New Zealand may need as well as guidance notes and checklists.

The information contained in this Start-up Pack is offered open source and is freely available. Our intention is that the Start-up Pack is to be shared amongst the start-up and high growth community to educate and provide assistance to start-ups to reach their full potential.

The Start-up Pack includes templates for key legal documents that are typically required on or shortly after incorporation and are designed to be tailored to meet each start-up's individual needs. These include:

  • a constitution;
  • a subscription and shareholders' agreement;
  • an intellectual property assignment agreement;
  • a non-disclosure agreement;
  • a standard employment contract; and
  • standard terms for website use (including a privacy policy).

Further guidance on Intellectual Property, Raising Equity Finance and Tax considerations is included in the guides below.

About guides

New Zealand Start-up Pack
A step-by-step guide to setting up a limited company in New Zealand.

Tax Checklist
A checklist, which sets out some of the key considerations to maintain a good tax function.

Download the guide

Raising Equity Finance
A guide to the New Zealand regulatory framework for raising equity finance that summarises some of the key considerations when looking to raise funds.

Download the guide

Intellectual Property Sales & Marketing Checklist
An intellectual property, sales and marketing checklist, with key tools on how to protect a company's intellectual property.

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