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20 February 20242 minute read

Business Advisory: Five tips for better M&A outcomes in 2024

Successful M&A transactions are not just about closing the deal, they’re about optimising outcomes. This means having a clear deal thesis; thorough preparation; trust among stakeholders; effective governance and dynamic risk management.

Guy Fisher has had a lengthy career as a corporate development executive leading many M&A transactions for an ASX top 20 financial services group. Guy now works with DLA Piper Business Advisory guiding clients through the complex M&A ecosystem ensuring they are well prepared and ready to execute on their organisation’s ambitions.

Leveraging this extensive experience, Guy offers invaluable insights into executing successful deals from the inside. He shares practical strategies and tips that have consistently allowed him to create significant value across the many transactions he has worked on.

Learn how to optimise your deals in 2024 and enhance the value creation from your M&A transactions.

guy crop

“M&A deals often achieve sub-optimal outcomes given the need to navigate significant complexity over the entire deal life cycle to value realisation. Poor integration is often one of the key drivers of loss of value versus an initial investment case. Acquirers need a clear vision for value creation over the short to long term and this vision should drive deal activity.”

Guy Fisher
Head of Integrated M&A Australia and New Zealand
DLA Piper Business Advisory


We help clients to address the inherently complex risk of M&A by uplifting capability and overcoming any capacity challenges. Our integrated team accompanies you through the deal lifecycle with a single point of accountability from the pre-deal strategy and preparation, deal execution all the way through to close and integration/separation. We also provide specialised advice in M&A ESG, ventures and joint ventures.

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