Through our partnership with UNICEF, we have worked on various child rights related projects. Many of these projects have involved the use of technology in new and innovative ways to tackle ongoing issues children face all over the world. We have been working with UNICEF on a groundbreaking, tech-focused program, U-Report on the Move. U-Report is an innovative new social messaging tool and data collection system developed by UNICEF. The platform allows users to talk about concerns and submit queries to U-Report via Facebook Messenger. These queries are then answered by our lawyers, who provide free advice tailored to real concerns expressed by the young people.


In the first three months of the collaboration, we helped three times more cases than UNICEF and other partnering NGOs in the whole of the previous year. To date, we have supported over 600 people on a wide range of issues, including school attendance and health, understanding the legal framework and policies, and programs for refugees and migrants in Italy.

U-Report on the Move has also increased the credibility of lawyers among unaccompanied and separated children and built trust through one-to-one legal counselling. Many of the young people we work with through the platform have a distrust of lawyers, police officers and judges, for fear of being deported. We have worked specifically to address this issue, as well as the lack of information on legal procedures, the users' legal status and how individuals can navigate through the legal system. The platform is also crucial in assisting with integration, as it provides pro bono live legal assistance to the most vulnerable.

As the development of children is so deeply connected to the development of society as a whole, working to protect children from violence, exploitation and abuse means changing the world.

To find out more about U-Report, watch our video