Handling Discipline and Grievance Issues/ Managing Investigations

2 May 2013
9:30 AM - 5:00 PM BST
United Kingdom

£349 plus VAT

When facing a tribunal, it is increasingly important for an employer to be able to illustrate that they have conducted a full and fair investigation into complaints about, and by, an employee. Under the Employment Act 2002 if statutory disciplinary and dismissal procedures are not, or cannot be shown to be followed, a dismissal will automatically be deemed unfair. In addition, failure to follow the procedure could mean that compensation may be increased, at the discretion of the tribunal, by up to 50%. Importantly, this applies to all dismissals, even those that are not normally considered disciplinary.

Investigations can be time consuming and complicated. This course will provide an understanding of the legal and best practice requirements for conducting an investigation (eg how thorough does the investigation have to be?), together with practical skills about how the investigation can best be carried out.