Risk Management Essentials: The Imperative for Proactive Cyber Risk Management

2 April 2020
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (UTC-05:00)

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Risk management is a concept we practice and see every day, from recognizing the dangers of walking on ice to playing with fire to having health insurance. For organizations dealing with the multifaceted, ever-present and constantly evolving threats posed by cyber and an Internet-enabled world, however, what and how is cyber risk management most effectively practiced and applied?

This webinar addresses how to implement proactive and informed cyber risk management in your organization. We discuss cyber risk management principles; established and emerging cyber risk management models and tools like those developed by the Financial Services sector and the Department of Defense; and best practices and standards, such as those promulgated by ISO and NIST. We also address incident response and litigation preparedness. We look at guidance and resources being developed in several industries as they establish risk management constructs specifically focused on cyber threats, including how to prepare and address mandatory cybersecurity requirements that the government imposes on certain industry sectors and technologies.

This webinar is intended for lawyers and non-lawyers at every level in all industries who want to learn more or better understand cyber risk management.