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Welcome to the Q2 2020 issue of IPT News.

The global pandemic continues. Slowly, the world is reopening, but businesses face persistent challenges. They are looking for ways to adapt. In that vein, in our featured article, Technology Sector Global Co-Chair Victoria Lee examines how companies are evolving. She discusses recent developments, such as teleworking and virtual gatherings, and analyzes IP considerations that are relevant in this changing world.

Even in this uncertain environment, the life sciences industry remains resilient and active. In the US, the Hatch-Waxman Act regulates competition between branded and generic pharmaceutical companies. Life Science patent litigators April Isaacson and Susan Krumplitsch note some key issues to address before filing a Hatch-Waxman suit.

Meanwhile, we are tracking other developments in IP law. Recent Supreme Court cases address wide-ranging topics: copyright infringement and state sovereign immunity, judicial review of certain Patent Trial and Appeal Board decisions, federal preclusion principles, and recovery of defendant’s profits in trademark infringement suits. And a Federal Circuit case reaffirms the ITC’s broad enforcement authority to remedy post-importation infringement.

Finally, we offer you news about our growing IP and technology capabilities, and we welcome new additions to our DLA Piper team. Please reach out if we can assist. We are here to help.

Chung Wei

Chung Wei, Partner, Intellectual Property and Technology