Joy Dasgupta assists large multinationals and major law firms in transfer pricing and tax planning matters.

Joy has worked on a variety of transfer pricing and tax planning projects involving pricing of intercompany transactions applying the arm's-length standard. Among these have been the transfer of intangible property, buy-in of intangible assets, cost sharing arrangement, determination of royalty rates for license arrangements, and the structuring of intangible property holding companies. He has worked on business restructurings, valuation of unique intangible assets, and tax related valuation matters. His industry expertise includes high-tech, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, automotive and telecommunication industries. Joy has also assisted clients with audit defence and transfer pricing related controversies.

Joy's prior industry experience includes semiconductors design and electronic design automation, where he has held positions in product development and marketing. Joy currently works in transfer pricing, business and intangible property valuation and other and valuation-related projects, applying his understanding of technology and his economic analysis experience. He also has experience in business litigation cases involving patent infringement in the technology sector and in litigation support in the pharmaceutical and telecom industries.

Joy Dasgupta is not a lawyer.