Kristin Jacobson is a regulatory attorney with over 15 years of experience practicing before Public Utility Commissions in 11 western states. She previously served as in-house regulatory, land use and real estate counsel for Sprint Communications before opening her own practice, where she worked full-time as outside counsel for Sprint. Kristin has been responsible for a full range of Sprint's state regulatory needs, successfully handling audits, complaint cases, investigations, rulemakings, Lifeline, pilot programs, network deployment and operations compliance, new service plan offerings, mergers, emergency disaster response and service restoration and other major regulatory matters. 

She also has been significantly involved in state regulatory issues in connection with the SoftBank merger and most recently, the Sprint and T-Mobile merger.

Kristin was pivotal in securing some of the first Lifeline wireless Eligible Telecommunications Carrier designation approvals in the West Region, developed and negotiated a novel settlement in a high profile CPUC investigation, spearheaded state LifeLine reform thus transforming the Lifeline industry and created the first California LifeLine Pilot Program in collaboration with the CPUC. She has drafted countless comments, advice letter filings, settlement agreements, applications, data request responses, and legislative Bill language proposals and assisted with national policy initiatives regarding Lifeline, special access, network hardening and resiliency compliance and 5G deployment matters.

As in-house and outside counsel for Sprint, Kristin has provided legal guidance and acted as a liaison among nearly all of Sprint's operational units, coordinating closely with the federal legal team, engineering, network development and operations, marketing, security, finance, policy, Lifeline and emergency response teams, to name a few. She has served as a company representative with various industry organizations over the past 20 years.