Leon Medzhibovsky is a highly regarded litigator focusing on intellectual property, trade secret, software and technology related commercial disputes.He helps clients solve their most challenging business problems arising from sophisticated business and commercial matters. 

The subject matter of these disputes has ranged widely across the field of complex litigation, and includes software and computer systems, systems integration, consumer products, healthcare, aviation, FinTech, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and numerous types of general business-to-business technology related litigation.

Clients also turn to Leon for his extensive experience with complex domestic and multi-jurisdictional commercial technology disputes, seeking his counsel on high-stakes transactions involving intellectual property assets and cutting-edge technologies, in such areas as joint ventures, strategic alliances, collaborations, licensing, software development and systems integration agreements.

Leon is a board observer and member of the strategy steering committee for several technology, data/machine learning and software companies. From protecting intellectual property and technology to strategic risk assessment, Leon focuses on the whole picture and provides concise, practical and business-oriented advice.