Kenneth Schmetterer has served as trial counsel in a variety of federal and state court trials and has argued before state and federal appellate courts. 

Kenneth also has extensive experience before administrative bodies, including the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the American Arbitration Association. His commercial litigation experience includes the prosecution and defense of an array of fraud, breach of contract, insurance coverage, negligence, negligent misrepresentation and tortious interference claims, among others, on behalf of a wide spectrum of businesses cutting across many industries. Kenneth has extensive experience in shareholder and director disputes, securities broker-dealer raiding cases, investor disputes against broker-dealers, insurance coverage claims, trade secret misappropriation claims, securities fraud and other claims brought under federal securities acts and consumer class action disputes.

Kenneth also has extensive experience in zoning, land use and constitutional litigation, representing developers working with or litigating against units of state or local government. Specific matters include vested rights claims, constitutional challenges to zoning ordinances, administrative review actions, school district annexation and detachment disputes, claims for writs of mandamus and impact fee challenges. He also has experience in other constitutional disputes involving alleged governmental violations of free speech, religious establishment, takings and Commerce Clause provisions of the United States Constitution. In addition, Kenneth has extensive experience in alternative dispute resolutions through arbitrations, mediations or by successful efforts to resolve disputes before the onset of litigation.

Kenneth is a member of the Chicago Pro Bono Committee.