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Child Rights: Protecting children from violence, abuse and exploitation

Children are vulnerable and particularly affected by poverty, conflict and natural disasters. Fortunately, they have many rights under international law, and the legal profession must honor its role to help secure their rights. Our lawyers promote the rights of children through shadow reporting, legal clinics and conducting legal research in support of advocacy.


In 2013, UNICEF and DLA Piper launched a groundbreaking partnership to support and develop UNICEF's child justice and protection work across the world. Over six years, we have donated pro bono legal services in excess of USD6.5 million to support UNICEF's work on issues such as child marriage, birth registration, transitional justice and international protection standards.

You can watch videos about some of our projects with UNICEF here


We are committed to improving educational outcomes for all children. We advocate for and represent children with disabilities so they can receive the support that they need to achieve in school. We provide legal support and strategic advice to schools and NGOs in the sector.

Juvenile Justice

We engage in advocacy as well as direct representation to protect the rights of children engaged with the justice system.

Access to Justice: Empowering asylum seekers and stateless people

UNHCR has found that worldwide displacement is at a record high of close to 60 million people forcibly displaced due to wars, conflict and persecution. We are committed to empowering displaced people all over the world and ensuring they are protected and understand their rights in host countries. Across the world, our lawyers are working with individuals, NGOs and intergovernmental organizations. Through our clinics and programs, such as the Know Your Rights program, we are working to help support and positively affect the lives of displaced people.

Rule of Law: Strengthening Civil Society

Law is at the heart of many human interactions between private clients, corporations, charitable organizations or governments. Our central role provides us with a unique opportunity to use our experience to support the rule of law. Our work in this area is designed to support just laws, fair and open courts and transparent and accountable governments.

New Perimeter

In 2005, we founded New Perimeter, a non-profit organization established to provide long-term pro bono legal assistance in underserved regions around the world. The organization supports access to justice, social and economic development, and sound legal institutions. A reflection of our commitment to support legal advancement worldwide, New Perimeter harnesses the skills and talents of our lawyers to further a more just world.

Through New Perimeter, our lawyers assist charitable organizations, governments and academic institutions on projects designed to strengthen a country's legal system; improve the skills of its judges, lawyers and law students; encourage economic growth; promote access to justice and the rule of law; and strengthen women's rights. To maximize our impact, we send teams of lawyers to work alongside our partners and clients whenever possible.