Whatever your requirements in infrastructure, construction or transport, you need experienced advisors with deep knowledge of your markets and the challenges that you face, both locally and internationally.

Economies and individuals depend on infrastructure and transport that are properly funded, professionally delivered and expertly operated. Although these goals present complex challenges in tightly regulated and highly visible public environments, successful infrastructure shapes communities and bring significant economic and societal benefits.

This complexity is why so many leading organizations rely on us. Our experience and international reach set us apart. Our sector focused lawyers based all over the world understand your business, and we can help you manage risks and achieve success.

Every asset and investment is unique and our clients measure success in different ways.

Our focus is based on a simple premise: helping you to achieve your goals, wherever you are and whenever you need us. We become a part of your team, helping you to fund, build, operate, buy and sell essential assets and deliver successful projects, transactions and initiatives.

Our clients include investors, lenders, contractors, operators, governments, regulators and non-profit organizations. We advise on all aspects of the sector, including regulations, M&A, financing, projects, intellectual property, commercial agreements, political environment, construction, disputes, restructurings, investigations and tax. Client satisfaction is our key measure of success and we are very proud of the projects and transactions that we have delivered shoulder to shoulder with our clients.

Our multi-disciplinary teams guide clients throughout the full infrastructure lifecycle. In the early stages, we advise on consenting and land assembly. We also represent promoters, funders, contractors and other partners in the delivery phase, including on novel funding and procurement structures. We are solution focused and deliver with our clients through a proactive approach based on deep industry knowledge. In the operational phase, we support on refinancing, regulatory issues and managing operational and maintenance solutions . We also advise all types of M&A transactions, as well as on decommissioning and life extension.

If problems, distress or disputes arise at any point in the lifecycle of an asset, our lawyers are ready to assist. We pride ourselves on our pragmatic and commercial delivery approach and the experience that we can draw upon to deliver bespoke solutions to a wide range of sector issues with our 360 degree international perspective.

Our approach has resulted in numerous awards, and our practices and people are ranked highly around the world, including:

  • Ranked #1 European Social Infrastructure Legal Adviser by deal count and #2 by deal value– Inframation, H1 2019
  • Ranked #1 global and European Social Infrastructure Legal Adviser by deal count– Inframation, Q2 2019
  • Ranked #2 Europe Infrastructure Legal Adviser by deal value – Inframation, Q2 2019
  • Ranked #2 global Infrastructure Legal Adviser by deal value – Inspiratia, 2018
  • Ranked #2 global Infrastructure Legal Adviser by transaction volume – Inspiratia, Q4 2018

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