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12 July 20232 minute read

The EU Price Indication Directive

What it means and why it matters

The EU Price Indication Directive is a policy which aims to increase transparency of price reductions for consumers. The Member States must apply the rules of the Directive from May 2022. One of the ultimate goals of the Directive is to prevent businesses from artificially inflating an item’s original price and misleading consumers on how much a product is discounted by. It requires all B2C retailers to display the lowest price from the last 30 days when announcing price reductions.

For retailers, the Directive introduces added complexity when managing their promotions: from increased documentation needed to track historical pricing information, to UI updates across product pages to make sure prices are accurately displayed. All businesses, regardless of where they are headquartered, need to follow and apply the Directive if they are targeting EU consumers for their sales.

Download our whitepaper, Navigating the EU Price Indication Directive, published in cooperation with Talon.One, for a blueprint on when and how the Directive needs to be applied for your company.

For a deep dive into the EU Price Indication Directive you can also register for our on-demand webinar with Christoph Gerber, CEO of Talon.One and Dr. Nico Brunotte, Counsel specialised in Digital Business and IT Law at DLA Piper in Hamburg.