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25 April 20232 minute read

Webinar: Doing Business with the EU Institutions

25 April 2023, 3pm CET

This webinar is tailored specifically to companies and legal counsels that introduce tenders for public procurement processes launched by EU institutions.

As you may know, participating in public procurement processes launched by EU institutions can be a complex and challenging process. Understanding the legal framework, rules and regulations that govern these processes is crucial to ensure success and avoid potential legal pitfalls.

Our webinar aims to provide you with valuable insights and practical tips from our legal experts who specialize in EU public procurement law. They will cover key topics such as the legal framework of EU public procurement, the procedures for tendering, and the requirements for submitting a successful bid.

Join us on 25 April at 3pm CET for this informative session. This is a great opportunity to learn from our experienced legal professionals and network with other professionals in your field.