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14 September 20212 minute read

#DeRisk Newsletter September 2021

Our insurance team in Italy introduces #DeRisk, the product of years of field experience combined with our insight into the latest trends in risk management.

#DeRisk – Contents

  • Bruno Giuffrè, Angelo Borselli, Andrea Pontecorvi - The notion of 'environmental damage': The new EU Commission Guidelines
  • Bruno Giuffrè, Leila Bianchi - The COVID-19 pandemic: Significant increase of cyberattacks in 2020 reported by the Italian Association of Cyber Security (Clusit) – 10% were COVID-19 related
  • Andrea Pantaleo - Complex IBIPs: Between risk of contract reclassification and ban on distribution
  • Antonio Longo, Alberto Sandalo - Insurance companies to benefit from Italy's 110% 'anti-earthquake' tax bonus
  • Legal and regulatory updates - contributed by Chiara Cimarelli, Ina Doci
  • Case law updates - contributed by Angelo Borselli, Andrea Pontecorvi
  • Authors