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More Together. Delivering better client outcomes

It’s never been more important for organizations to consistently deliver their strategic priorities. Clients work with DLA Piper Business Advisory to navigate complex challenges and deliver better outcomes through our integrated teams of consultants and lawyers.

DLA Piper Business Advisory provides solutions to clients' complex challenges through integrated teams of highly experienced advisors and lawyers. Our commercial solutions centre around DLA Piper’s legal strengths and target specific client challenges. 

Our international advisory team has developed our services drawing from decades of experience in strategy, financial advisory, transformation, risk management and organisational change to support the firm’s areas of global focus like M&A and ESG, with an emphasis on regulated industries. 

We address risk, accelerate opportunities, and achieve better commercial outcomes for clients via a single point of accountability.  Our clients love working together with us – collaboration is at the centre of everything we do.

“Clients achieve better outcomes and have an integrated, dedicated team working with them every step of the way.”

Integrated M&A

The M&A ecosystem is complex. Dealing with its complexities is typically outside business-as-usual and requires the right support to maximize success and value returned to the organization. Successfully creating value requires capacity that is often difficult to find within an organisation given business as usual constraints.

Our services are designed to address the inherently complex risk by uplifting capability and overcoming any capacity challenges. Our integrated team accompanies you through the deal lifecycle with a single point of accountability from the pre-deal strategy and preparation and deal execution to close and integration/separation. We also advise on M&A ESG, ventures and joint ventures. 

Sustainability and ESG

Sustainability, environment, social and governance is no longer a corporate box-ticking or report-writing exercise. Your organization’s social license depends on meeting stakeholder ESG expectations and driving performance through well-articulated strategy and associated actions. In ESG there are more good plans than good performers.

Our integrated team supports clients with ESG from ambition to strategy to implementation, avoiding the frustration clients often experience with traditional multi-provider models. Our key services include ESG strategy and implementation, materiality assessments, strategic ESG transaction due diligence, sustainable procurement, modern slavery, greenwashing mitigation and driving diversity and inclusion.

Strategic change

Organisations face unprecedented stakeholder and competitive pressure to be more efficient, to be more innovative, and to transform themselves. These businesses benefit from access to external teams who can design and execute organisational plans and implement change and efficiency programs.  Our legal-adjacent consulting services help senior executives, general counsel and legal teams achieve their full potential. We focus on three areas: legal optimisation, strategies for growth, and technology enablement. We collaborate with legal teams to elevate in-house capability, work with clients to successfully navigate and make the most of change, and advise organisations on technology and innovation choices through periods of disruption and risk.

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