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Built for the future

Feel the benefit of experience without the burden of legacy. Together we can embrace change and seize opportunities.

Our story

Making Business Better

We believe great businesses can make a better world. Forward-thinking, innovative organizations can find the answers to today’s most difficult questions. That’s why, every day, we help them succeed. 

Our bold and dynamic culture means we think big and act decisively. Because relationships are at the heart of everything we do for our clients and communities.

Let’s make business better. Together.

Our values

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We are committed to excellence in how we represent our clients, develop our people, and serve our communities.

We are fearless and inquisitive, challenging ourselves to think big and find creative new solutions

We are strategic and driven, exceeding standards and expectations

We are compassionate and inclusive, valuing diversity and acting thoughtfully

We are proactive, passionate team players, investing in our relationships


Protecting tomorrow for everyone

In today’s world, ESG issues are of critical importance to business. We’re helping our clients transition to, and thrive in, a more sustainable future. We ask tough questions about purpose and transparency, and find the answers together.

We’re also looking for opportunities to integrate sustainability into our governance, decision-making and operations. We ensure our people have the right resources and support they need to perform and deliver at their best for our clients.

“We are witnessing what could be the biggest reallocation of capital in history. Sustainability & ESG has moved out of the CSR function and into the C-suite.”

Jean-Pierre Douglas-Henry, Managing Director, Sustainability and Resilience

“ESG is no longer a theoretical concept – it is a reality for companies of all sizes, public and private. Our integrated and proactive approach towards the myriad of ESG issues provides a holistic platform for our clients across an ever-changing global landscape.”

Diversity and inclusion

Celebrating our diversity

Embracing diversity strengthens us and inclusivity enables everyone to thrive. But there’s more to do. So we’re listening, learning and taking meaningful action to make a positive difference in our business and our communities.

We’re amplifying the voices of our people and empowering them to fulfill their potential. We do this so we can build the best teams, help our clients succeed, and nurture a culture where everyone feels they belong.

Pro bono

Pursuing justice and social change

Around the world, many people and communities face barriers to justice. Through our pro bono work, we help children, asylum seekers, refugees and other under-served groups get the legal support, access to justice and fair treatment they need and deserve. 

We also give free advice to nonprofits, UN agencies, intergovernmental organizations and social enterprises. This allows them to focus on their missions and key objectives. And we support social and economic development, sound legal institutions and women's advancement in under-resourced regions.


Explore our pro bono support

“As a former refugee myself, working in our Pro Bono team has helped me retain my confidence and dignity. I use my lived experience to help other refugees and migrant women adjust to new environments and find new opportunities.”

Awmaima Amrayaf, Pro Bono Legal Officer, London

Global leadership