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Helping you fund disputes risk-free.

Pursuing disputes can be costly and comes with the risk of failure, meaning some businesses will opt not to take action. Litigation funding helps your business address these challenges. Through DLA Piper’s own independent funding company, Aldersgate Funding Limited (AFL), we can offer your business a risk-free solution to your disputes.

What is Aldersgate Funding Limited?

DLA Piper, through its independent funding company Aldersgate Funding Limited (AFL), has unlocked GBP150 million to fund your litigation or arbitration claims. 

This fund allows you to pursue claims risk-free that previously you might have been unable or unwilling to bring because of the costs - or the potential financial consequences of failure.

Our dedicated funding facility, backed by Litigation Capital Management (LCM), is non-exclusive, and we have maintained close relationships with other leading funders, enabling us to provide a broad range of tailored funding solutions. This provides a fast-track funding solution to suit your needs – on the most competitive terms in the market.

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GBP150 million available for funding your disputes.


Reducing your risk exposure to zero.

“AFL lets you pursue claims risk-free that previously you might have been unable or unwilling to bring because of the costs - or the risk of failure.”

The benefits of AFL for your business

  • Focus on growth: rather than paying monthly legal bills, keep cash on your balance sheet and spend it on what matters most - growing your business.
  • Turn legal claims into assets: monetize claims using risk-free finance - turn your legal department into a revenue stream.
  • Time management: free up your management by letting AFL and DLA Piper deal directly with all the invoicing paperwork. 
  • A supportive finance partner: AFL provides an independent perspective through the process, but leaves you to manage your dispute entirely as you see fit.

Why Aldersgate Funding Limited?

  • It’s risk free: you pay nothing if the claim fails. Your legal bills will be paid in full, while After the Event (ATE) insurance will be used to cover the other side’s costs, reducing your risk exposure to zero.
  • Excellent funding terms: AFL's portfolio funding product, supplemented by strong relationships with other leading funders, offers clients highly competitive terms.
  • Faster than market turnaround: the target time for AFL to approve funding is four weeks from the formal funding request.
  • International reach: AFL funding is available for you around the world (subject to local laws and regulations).

Is this right for you?

  • Designed for a major dispute (GBP10 million+) or a series of disputes with a good prospect of success.
  • An offering for your legal department who are under cost pressure or have claims they’ve put on hold.
  • If you’re looking to monetize your disputes and unlock capital to drive growth.
  • Creates certainty around legal budgets, timing and risk management.