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16 November 20213 minute read

High Growth Startup Pack 2.0

Emerging Growth and Venture Capital Practice

This Startup Pack has been designed and prepared by DLA Piper's Emerging Growth and Venture Capital Team with input from lawyers with experience in corporate, intellectual property and commercial contracting, data protection, employment, employment benefit and tax matters.

The purpose of this Startup Pack is to provide assistance and support to early stage startups and high growth enterprises who are looking to establish their business on a more formal basis in England & Wales and Ireland. Creating the right legal framework and ensuring that the business is protected at the outset is vital for a start-up to achieve its full potential. The Startup Pack is suitable for companies looking to raise external capital for the first time, either from family and friends, or angel and seed-level institutional investors.

We have drawn from our significant experience in advising companies at all stages in the corporate life cycle to assist start-up companies in understanding some of the key legal issues that are likely to be relevant to them at this stage of their development.

This is the second version of our Startup Pack and reflects feedback from many participants in this sector, including startups, founders, incubators, accelerators, venture capitalists and other stakeholders. One key addition is a bespoke and more sophisticated set of articles of association for England & Wales (or, in the case of Irish companies, a constitution) and a subscription and shareholders' agreement to address common issues startups may face.

This Startup Pack contains the key legal documents that an early stage start-up will need and includes, among other things:

  • a step by step guide to setting up a company;
  • articles of association (England and Wales)/constitution (Ireland);
  • a subscription and shareholders' agreement;
  • an intellectual property assignment agreement;
  • a non-disclosure agreement;
  • a standard employment contract;
  • an intellectual property checklist;
  • a tax checklist; and
  • a checklist of additional employment considerations.

Download the England & Wales Startup Pack

Download the Ireland Startup Pack

DLA Piper is available to assist throughout all stages of the development of your business so as your business grows, stay in touch with us and our team can support you to achieve your goals.

The information contained in this Startup Pack is offered open source and is freely available. It is intended to be shared among the start-up community to educate and provide assistance to start-ups to reach their full potential.

Please note the disclaimer and the basis upon which DLA Piper is making these documents available.