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2 October 20222 minute read

Episode 12: How can we finance a storage revolution?

Energy storage is at an inflection point. The growth of renewables means that the need for grid operators to manage intermittency has never been higher. As a result, installed battery capacity needs to rise from 17GW at the end of 2020 to almost 600GW by 2030, according to the International Energy Agency. This is attracting renewables operators and investors to the energy storage sector.

However, there are challenges for the expansion of storage. These include the impacts of inflation on the economics of battery and other storage projects; the need for renewables businesses to evolve their operating systems to smoothly add storage to their portfolios; and patchy support for the sector worldwide.

In this episode, we talk to Richard Braakenburg, Managing Director and Head of Equity Investments at SUSI Partners about the role of energy storage in the climate transition, the economics of the sector, and how firms such as SUSI can unleash the energy storage revolution that the energy system needs.

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